Bergaflex Systems for optical and thermal reflection (sunscreen for bridge windows). Solar protection for ship bridges, based on metallised polyester film, available in different colour combinations.

Brannstrom, Sweden

Sweden. 15ppm BW-alarm monitors & ODME-systems

"Peter Taboada" Advanced Water Technology

Spain, Reverse Osmosis -systems

Peter Taboada manufactures water treatment systems according to NATO standards for ships and submarines for different countries all over the world. These systems need a great engineering work, a high technical description and need to be tested against impact, vibration and extreme environments.

Products manufactured by Peter Taboada:

  • Reverse Osmosis water desalination systems
  • Antibiological growth and antifouling systems for seawater
  • Ultraviolet water sterilization system
  • Diesel engine water quality control system
  • Vacuum evaporator seawater desalination systems
  • Waste water purification system
  • Oil water separator

Jastram Gmbh & Co KG

Germany, Low-noise transverse thrusters, Azimuth thrusters , Rudder propellers (up to Dia.: 1200mm) & Hybrid Rudder Propellers.

Jastram GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally recognized company in the marine engineering and equipment market. Success led to rapid expansion into a range of thrusters ,  high efficiency rudders and rudder propellers.Availability of Azimuth Grid Thrusters, Low-Noise Thrusters, Transverse Thrusters and Rudder Propellers. Thrusters Drivers and Control systems

Techsol Marine

Canada, Alarm Monitoring Systems , LV Frequency Converters Assy , LV Switching and Control Systems.

Techsol Marine is offering class approved, state of the Art, off-the-shelf alarm, control & monitoring systems at cost effective prices. Developed under the latest Windows platform, this system includes in depth programming and superior graphics.

Products manufactured by Techsol Marine ElectroTechonology

  • Alarm, Control & Monitoring systems
  • Main switchboards

VO&M, Viking Offshore & Marine, Viking Airtech Pte, Ltd

Singapore,  HVAC and Provision-room refrigeration system

Is capable as turnkey contractor in providing design, engineering package, installation, supervision and commissioning of HVAC Systems or upgrading and conversion of existing systems to environmentally friendly systems by using R404A, R407C etc refrigerants. Customized designs, including the manufacturing, assembling, full factory acceptance test, commissioning and testing of HVAC packages and provision refrigeration.

Specs, Korea

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